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“Rational Service Partner” 

always there for you!

Providing a professional and reliable service to all Rational customers.  Installation, Service and Emergency Repair

By using an approved Rational Service Partner, you are ensured of a high level of competency.  From initial site survey and installation to a full after care service, we are there to help.


Correct installation is fundamental for the reliable and correct operation of what is possibly the most important piece of equipment in your kitchen. Once installed and commissioned basic training can be given prior to handover.


We understand the need for keeping your equipment in top condition reducing the risk of unforeseen breakdowns.  It is a proven fact that regular servicing of your equipment reduces breakdown costs and prolongs the life of your equipment.

Emergency Repair

Even the best products will occasionally breakdown. You can rely on us to provide you with a fast and efficient repair service that is designed to keep downtime to a minimum.  Rational Oven Repairs!  You’re in safe hands with our fully trained Engineers.


Services we offer include a full Installation and After Care Service.

The installation process.  First things first, to ensure you have many years trouble free running make sure your Rational Oven Installation is completed correctly.  Service Partners are regularly trained and are familiar with the latest technology.  Delivery, assembly, installation, and initial training.  Give your investment the start it deserves.

Site Survey

Prior to purchasing your Rational Combi Steamer, New or Used, we can carry out a full site survey to advise on position, fuel type, size of service, ventilation requirements and access for delivery.


Once your supplies are in place we can proceed with your installation, ensuring your Rational is installed correctly as per manufacturer’s instructions. Incorrectly installed appliances can affect the performance of the appliance and invalidate your warranty.


If your oven has already been installed and requires commissioning, then call us in. We will ensure your Rational has been installed correctly and is setup for optimum performance.


Once up and running we can instruct on the basic operation of your oven, advise on the correct cleaning products, and arrange a demonstration with a Rational Chef if required.

After Care

Breakdown Repair

Oven down! In need of an Emergency Callout or simply a non-emergency repair!

With a comprehensive van stock, we focus on getting you up and running in as short a period as possible.  Engineers with expert knowledge of Rational’s wide range of appliances dating back to the original Classic line followed by the CPC, SCC, SCC_WE and now the latest iCombi and iCombi Pro range of appliances.

      We Offer:

  • 24-hour response time for all service calls
  • First time fix whenever possible
  • Comprehensive range of spares carried
  • 12 months’ parts and labour warranty on all spares fitted


Service Options

Whether you require a one-off service, a bespoke Service Package or would like to take up a Rational Approved Service Package we can assist.

Regular Servicing and Maintenance is vital for the reliability and correct operation of your appliance, highlighting minor issues and correcting them before they turn into major problems



Bespoke Service Package.

No matter what the age of your oven, new or old we can tailor a service package to suit your needs, no matter what the age of the oven, New or Old.

Rational Approved Service Package.

Rational offer a choice of three service packages on new ovens ranging from a Basic annual inspection to the all-inclusive Premium Package. Ovens are installed and commissioned by us; we then take over the maintenance of the oven over a five-year period for a fixed monthly fee.

Connected Cooking


Rational’s new range of appliances combined with Connected Cooking gives you iKitchen. A Smart Kitchen with digital control monitored on your PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Add one of our Service Packages to ensure your equipment is in top working order.

Digital Kitchen Management. 

Rational customers now have access to Connected Cooking, the latest state-of-the-art networking application for Rational appliances. If you have an active internet connection in your kitchen, then connect one or more appliances to your network and access it remotely through your smartphone or tablet

One of the many benefits of Connected Cooking is the ability to connect your Service Partner remotely to your appliance.  Connected Cooking allows us to monitor the condition of your appliance from our own offices and advise you of any relevant issues before they escalate.  

      We can:

  • Quickly check up on processes remotely
  • Call up error messages
  • Send Automatic Software Updates
  • Capture HACCP data

Chemicals and Accessories

By choosing Rational you have purchased a leading brand in the UK Commercial Catering industry. A brand known for its quality and reliability. This quality and reliability are carried over to Rational’s range of cleaning products and accessories.

Using genuine Rational products is vital in ensuring your Cooking Centre is used to its full advantage. The use of third-party products can be costly, increasing the chance of breakdowns and in some cases invalidating your warranty.

From installation products through to special cooking applications, Rational have the equipment you need.  Visit our online shop for more information, we can supply the full range of Chemicals and Accessories.

Not sure of your options!

For any queries concerning Servicing or Installation matters, get in touch and talk with one of our Technical team.