Cleaning Tablets and Accessories

By choosing Rational you have purchased a leading brand in the UK Commercial Catering industry.  A brand known for its quality and reliability.  This quality and reliability is carried over to Rational’s range of cleaning products and accessories.

Cleaning Tablets

There are various different types of tablet currently in use depending on what oven you have.

Red Detergent Tablets

Detergent Tablets for use with all Rational ovens that require cleaner tablets.  Tablets are placed in cleaner basket, left hand side of oven cavity.

Blue Rinse Aide Tablets

Rational Rinse Aide Tablets for use in SCC ovens without Care Control. Tablets are placed with the Red Detergent tablets in cleaner basket, left hand side of oven cavity.

Blue Care Control Tablets

Care Control Tablets for use with all ovens with Care Control system.  Tablets are placed in Blue Care Drawer located on front of oven.

Rational Grill Cleaner

10-liter Container for all Rational ovens that require a spray on liquid cleaner for manual cleaning.  Also used on older CPC ovens with cleanjet system.

Cleaning Chemicals

Using the correct cleaning chemicals for your Rational is vital to ensure that your oven is cleaned correctly and ensures your warranty is not invalidated.  Using the incorrect chemicals can be costly and increase your chance of breakdowns.

Unsure of the correct chemicals? Give us a call and we will advise accordingly.


Only by using original Rational accessories can your Self Cooking or Vario Cooking Centre be used to its full advantage.  From installation products through to special cooking applications Rational are there to help:

  • Containers and Grids
  • Stands, Base Cabinets and Thermo-Cabinets
  • Ultravent Condensation Hood
  • Finishing System for Banquets

Visit our online store to check out our range of cleaning tablets and accessories.  Alternatively download Rational’s latest Accessories Catalogue.  Follow link below.

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